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Buy the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Leather Jacket from Film Jackets here. If you want someone a bit more obscure from the Star Wars universe, check out Film Jackets’ Captain Cassian Jacket. The jacket features several panels with contrasting light stitching, so it’s got a contemporary yet rustic appeal. Look no further, THE MAD […]

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Cosplays of the venom symbiote wrapped around a male host. As Brenot shows with this costume, sometimes the transformation can leave little bits of the host exposed. Donning a blond wig, Raynor takes on the look of Eddie Brock, but shows us Venom in a way that you don’t see often in cosplay. This half-Carnage/half-human […]

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This cosplayer certainly captured the spirit of Yoruichi, from her colorful outfit and stylish violet hair to a casual pose and a “what are you gonna do about it? There are multiple ways you can tackle a symbiote cosplay, especially with Carnage. PDF Corset Pattern Inspired by Briar Rose Aroura Sleeping Beauty Simple Sewing Template […]

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Chest; 83 cm。Waist; 69 cm。 Datnoid wears this outfit amazingly well, and I particularly like the fact that she’s chosen to go with just the Team Rocket uniform to create this cosplay, as her natural hair matches very well with the costume while helping the style become more realistic and making her look extra-lovely and […]

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The general public voted The Force Awakens Movie of the Year at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards; Daisy Ridley was also voted Best Breakthrough Performance, avengers costumes adults while Adam Driver won Best Villain. The Force Awakens was nominated for five Oscars at the 88th Academy Awards (the largest number of award nominations for a […]

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All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor PayPal. EZCosplay is a great source to buy cosplay costumes because their headquarters are in the US. This is a tutorial for cosplay in a budget! A complete outfit without wig and shoes for Amine Hero cosplay. She’s also earned two Academy Award nominations for […]

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Rey finds Luke Skywalker on the oceanic planet of Ahch-To. Episode VIII director Rian Johnson requested Abrams change the ending by having R2-D2 (not BB-8) come to Ahch-To and for Luke not to be floating boulders as originally intended. With R2-D2 and Chewbacca in tow, Rey leaves on the Millennium Falcon and follows the map […]

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See above for all the details about this BA dude who, in this case, comes in miniature… “I wanted to see more Tron people,” Fleming admitted. But this one also has the Darth Vader candy pail. Established in 1985, mortal kombat costume White Dragon is one of San Diego County’s oldest and largest martial arts […]

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↑ Kathleen Kennedy to become Co-Chair of Lucasfilm Ltd. ↑ 8.0 8.1 8.2 DISNEY TO ACQUIRE LUCASFILM LTD. ↑ Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary dates the events of the movie to 30 years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, which happen in 4 ABY, per Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. […]

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The latest film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, green lantern costumes firmly established the new crop of stars in the Star Wars universe and the cosplay world. Star Wars costumes have been going strong since 1977, when the first movie in the nine-part series, Star Wars, wanda and vision costumes was released. Marie Antoinette Princess […]