162 (Every) Bat-Suit That Batman Has Donned From Every Universe And Story – Explored In Detail!

162 (Every) Bat-Suit That Batman Has Donned From Every Universe And Story – Explored In Detail!

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44 thoughts on “162 (Every) Bat-Suit That Batman Has Donned From Every Universe And Story – Explored In Detail!

  1. I think the reason later iterations of Batman like Ben Affleck went the more gothic route with black on black or black on gray was to symbolize that Batman was more brutal and didn’t fuck around, especially in dark knight.

  2. Top 5 Best looking Batman suits:
    Movie suits:
    1. Batman Returns
    2. Batman 89
    3. Batman Forever
    4. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
    5. Batman vs. Superman – Armored Bat-suit

    TV series:
    1. Batman Beyond suit.
    2. Batman Beyond exo-suit.
    3. Batman the Animated Series
    4. The Batman series 2004 – Anti-Freeze suit
    5. Justice League – Savage suit

    1. Azrael Batman armor suit (Mk.I)
    2. Batman suit 80's- and up design
    3. Batman vs. The Predator – Exo-suit armor
    4. Jace Fox Batsuit
    5. Flashpoint – Thomas Wayne Bar-suit

  3. ….not to mention..Batman forever was also not the first movie where Batman used his cape to break thru the roof. During the museum scene after joker does his dance to the prince song….and Vicky vale throws water in his face….and he acts like he's melting….then turns around and says "BOO HAHAHAA!"..then Batman literally breaks thru the roof with his cape that is equipped with the ability to be rigid at the ends of it. Think of adding bars into the edges of the cape. So when Batman holds the cape up it holds it's shape….so yeah…. Batman forever didn't have any "firsts" for Batman. Other than robin and nipples. Lmao.

  4. Batman forever is NOT the first movie where Batman jumped from a building with the use of his cape….in Batman 89….the first time u see Batman and he says "I'm Batman".he throws the thug….spreads the cape open and jumps off the ledge…..and in Batman returns….eithee right after the penguin throws an umbrella that releases bats and scares the snow princess so she accidentally falls off the building, framing Batman for her murder…. or right after he fights Catwoman on the rooftop and she stabs him with one of her claws. it happens right around then…he DRAMATICALLY walks onto the ledge of the building…turns around…..and spreads his cape open and activates some utility in the cape that makes it rigid….he then jumps off the building using the cape as a hand glider. He flies over the people while the bats that penguin released are flying over the "people of Gotham". Batman needing to glide over the chaos below to escape the people who now think he's a murderer…..and right after he lands he gets into the batmobile that penguin rigged up with some 1990's wifiblutooth stuff etc…..anyway, I can think of a half a dozen times Batman jumped off a building using only his cape. lol.

  5. Richard, a good fit for your voice is Alfred 💯% a sarcastic alfred would be great " Mr wayne what the absolute FU*#K are you doing up there!
    Batman: Hanging Around Alfred.

    Alfred:You do you , stupid bat wearing mother Fu*%$er. Theres a Cucumber sandwich…..when youve finnished……Hibernating.

  6. The Arkham games have some cool suits. Granted they are just iterations of classic bat suits. But I still think the batman beyond suit from the game deserves a shout out. Heck the arkham games deserve a full episode from you guys!