A Look Back at Rare Batman TV Show Commercials!

Join Pop Culture Historian Dave Sundstrom as he takes an affectionate look back at vintage television commercials featuring the cast of the classic TV series “Batman”


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This video is not intended for children under the age of 14. Quite frankly, kids…I’m just some random old dude talking about nostalgic TV and movie stuff from a really long time ago and I highly doubt that it is going to interest you.

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23 thoughts on “A Look Back at Rare Batman TV Show Commercials!

  1. There was a commercial I remember as kid back in the 70's when Batman and robin were talking about waxing the "Batmobile" and Robin said "wow I could have waxed right over dirt". I don't remember the product, and that is the only line that I remember.

  2. I love Batman's alternative blue costume in the last video clip.

    Also, I think it would have been a delightful addition to see the Batman commercials from Zellers. They're animated, but clearly inspired by '60s Batman.

  3. At some point, TV Guide ran a little blurb featuring the faces of Batman and Robin with a caption reading "Remember, Robin: good is always much nicer than evil." I lost it at once, even as a kid🤪

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I'm a huge Batman fan. I wasn't aware of some of these PSA's. 12 years ago I got to meet Adam, Burt and Julie at a convention. They were truly genuine people. RIP Adam West. New subscriber Thanks again ❤

  5. The promo spot, advertising the Batman TV show, was run so many times in the afternoons that it was burned into my memory. I was between six and nine years old when it was on. Now 50+ years later I can still recite it from memory. Ha!

  6. Holy Bat-Interest rates!! Remember when US Savings Bonds earned more than $10 over the course of 15-20 years after purchasing them? They used to double in value in 7 years! Like most things in this country, they are now Bat-worthless. How is it the 1966 Batman was WAY better than 2022 turd??!!

  7. I had seen all the psa commercials before cause I love seeing stuff like thst and in the 1973 equal pay commercial it was Dick Gautier from get smart in the batsuit he does his best trying to be Adam even I can’t to a full impression of Adam but after seeing the show and movie so much over the years I have gotten the way he would deliver his lines pretty much down

  8. 4:50 Re. the 1973 PSA: Note also the return of series narrator William Dozier! And I have heard that it was Dick Gautier who stepped in as Batman. Holy mechanical marvel (before Things Went Rotten)!