ALL Michael Keaton Batman Suits Compared & Breakdown

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34 thoughts on “ALL Michael Keaton Batman Suits Compared & Breakdown

  1. First suit is a nod to golden age batman who used a gun in first issues. Also has wide ears on cowl, short gloves and round utility buckle. The second suit is clearly silver/ Bronze Age suit with blue and grey. Pretty cool they expanded burtonverse lore by adding these suits as precursors to 89' suit.

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  3. I think Michael Keatons Batman fought other villains because of the other Batsuits represents a villain the Blue suit for Riddler and Two-Face and the desert suit for Ra's Al Ghul or Bane
    And the Scuba suit for Killer Croc
    And the holster suit for Scarecrow and Mad-Hatter

    Ra's Al Ghul
    Mr Freeze
    Killer Croc
    Poison Ivy

  4. Seeing that makes me believe that we need (a) Michael Keaton Batman Game(s) to explore what happend after Batman Returns ❤
    James Gunn teased Games, here's the first good idea for one. 💯💫

  5. Michael Keaton suits are superior to all. I hate the bat symbol on modern batuits without thr yellow ellipse. Neal adams made bat suit look better withe yellow ellipse