Batman: Arkham Knight | Redesigned Suits Pack v1.0 – Initial Modified Batsuits (Mods)

So here is a compilation of suit mods i started making a while back for BAK PC, i’ve redone the Batsuits to look like outfits not originally featured in the game (while enhancing others). these are still WIP. but some of the suits look pretty cool so i thought i would show my work i’m designing. each of these suits will be revamped in the coming days to look even more accurate. and better than they do currently.

there is also even more mods i’m making than just the ones in the video. however i’ll be releasing those one at a time for ease of mind (i’ll also release these skins in the video one at a time in a showcase format aswell)

Suit Descriptions / Changes
7.43 Re-Armored – Alternate Armor Design without Pants for Batman Post City, Smoother Cowl and Black Plating on chest region

8.03 Battle Damaged Revamp – Darker Coloring on the 8.03 Suit, with some suit exposure by also making parts of the texture black (a detail i’m proud of lol)

8.04/8.05 Suits – Same as 8.03, but without Battle DMG (the armors are more dark on parts)

True Arkham Origins – Origins Suit with fixed silver and black coloring

Anime – Added Golden Belt, reworked some other small details

Dark Knight Returns – Changed Black Coloring to Blue, Added New Logo

.INC Telltale Hybrid Suit – Made the costume more silver, added a new logo (again. i scrapped this cause i thought it was awful in retrospect. it’s a nice alternative prototype suit tho)

1979 The Batman 2004 Suit – Changed Blue to Black, Added New Logo, made belt more saturated and the grey pop more! – this is the version of batman i first saw!

1989 Redesign – Based on concept of Keaton’s Suit from the upcoming Flash Movie

2039 MK2 – Overhaul for the Beyond Suit, has more RED in his colors

Asylum 05 Suit – The Arkham Asylum suit. now with textures lifted from the Batman Begins Gamecube Game and ported into BAK!

N52 THE BATMAN 2022 Suit – made the overall suit darker, and have the 2022 Batsymbol on it (still needs tweaked abit)

BVS Justice League Suit – retextured the 2016 suit to have darker coloring, new glove/boots and symbol from JL2017’s Batman. also has armor padding on chest

Dark Knight Rises Suit – added more contrast to the TDK Nolan Suit’s Cowl, Cape and Chest Region. basically making it resemble how it looked in Rises as opposed to the 08 Movie. the more up to date look

(for all WIP skins in video. these are ALL made by me. file size is pretty huge btw)

remember that…
-248.4MB file size for all skins (705MB Uncompressed)
-they require resorep installed with BAK to be used correctly!!!
-textures goto C:UsersyournameDocumentsResorepmodded
-these skin mods are still in a WIP state. may make update vid in the future

Time Codes
0:00 Intro
0:16 7.43 Rearmored [Early Design]
0:59 8.03 Battle Damaged Revamp
1:39 8.04 Revamp
1:58 8.05 Revamp
2:21 True Arkham Origins w/ bugged cape
3:11 Anime w/ Gold Belt [Early Design]
3:49 Dark Knight Returns Enhanced [Early Design]
4:31 INC Telltale Hybrid Suit [Early Design i scrapped, releasing for lols]
5:17 1979 The Batman 2004 [Early Design]
5:49 1989 Redesign with Dark Belt – Micheal Keaton Batman
6:17 2039 Mark II
7:00 Asylum 2005 Movie Outfit
7:42 New 52 THE BATMAN 2022 – Robert Patterson Batman [Early Design]
8:39 2017 Justice League Movie Outfit – Ben Affleck Batman
9:23 2012 Movie Outfit / TDK Enhanced – Christian Bale Batman
(the skins with “early design” next to them still contain some problems at the moment. the texture bugs will be fixed in the future)


updates for this will be posted in videos / community posts (or both)

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