Breaking down The Flash timeline, cameos, end-credits, and DCU future!

This video looks at the new Flash movie and discussed everything about it, including the crazy cameos, the updated timeline, the surprising end-credits, and where things might be going from here for the DCU!

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Timeline placement
04:17 – Is the Snyder cut now canon?
07:27 – Why has the box office done poorly?
09:15 – Ezra’s acting is fantastic
10:19 – CGI is abit wonky at times
11:55 – Mental health line is strange
12:40 – Justice League has some great scenes
13:48 – We get Flash’s backstory
14:25 – Flash decides to mess with time
18:42 – Time travel illustration No. 1
20:47 – We meet the new Batman
22:49 – Sasha Calle was a breakout star!
25:08 – The epic cameos in the Chronobowl
29:37 – Barry 2 ends the closed loop
32:14 – Time travel illustration No. 2
34:34 – Epilogue with George Clooney
37:23 – Aquaman End-credit scene

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44 thoughts on “Breaking down The Flash timeline, cameos, end-credits, and DCU future!

  1. Regarding the ending, it was changed twice (The Hollywood Reporter posted an article about this):

    Ending 1, the original one that was shot under Hamada was the one you talked about with Keaton and Calle’s Batman and Supergirl. That was to setup the Batgirl film that was canned last August since Keaton was gonna reprise his role of Batman. That’s where the BTS photos were from. The PCS was gonna be that dream setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths IIRC from early plot leaks.

    Ending 2 came after the shakeup and merger of WB and discovery Inc into WBD. Hamada was out and two executives took charge and decided to rework the continuity and give Henry Cavill another chance as Superman. That led to his cameo in Black Adam but he also shot a cameo for Flash, which was going to be the ending here on the doorsteps with Calle and Keaton and even Gal Gadot. That was because Man of Steel 2 (finally) and Wonder Woman 3 were being developed. I still think the PCS setting up Crisis would work here but the way THR worded it seems it was scrapped once Hamada was out since it was his original idea.

    The final ending, the one we saw with Clooney was a direct result of Gunn and Safran coming on board and deciding on a full blown reset. They didn’t want to promise things that wouldn’t happen so they removed Keaton, Cavill and Calle and reshot it in January. So yeah it was pretty chaotic, although given the history of the DCEU it would’ve been nicer to bookend both ends of the film with JL cameos and act as a final goodbye since we wouldn’t see them again. The Clooney ending just spits in the face of this.

    Also it doesn’t help that Aquaman 2 had a Batman cameo planned for a long time, but because The Flash kept getting delayed several times to before and after Aquaman 2’s intended release dates (March originally before moving to December), the iteration kept changing from Affleck’s to Keaton’s. Even Momoa himself posted a photo with Affleck hyping it up and now it seems the Batman cameo has been completely removed, which at this point probably is best. It doesn’t help though that test screenings and inside reception seems to be very negative and the reshoots don’t seem to be helping it either.

    The cameofest here just felt forced for fan service and it makes me wanna direct those complaining about Marvel’s NWH to The Flash. At least NWH was able to integrate multiverse cameos into their story properly and progress it (while also generating a lot of applause). MoM too (to a bit of lesser extent though since they were killed off not too long, but gave us essential info that was gonna set up Secret Wars)

  2. I dont know if anybody mentioned this but I think that Ezra's crisis crossover is actually before even BvS. Hear me out on this one

    So we know that Flash got his official suit before Suicide Squad, before that nothing.
    But in BvS, in Lex Luthor's PowerPoint presentation (that scene is so funny for how dumb it sounds), Barry's file not only has his logo, but is has the tagline "FL", just like Arthur's file has "AQ" and Vic's got the "CY". So I think Barry had his first multiversal experience and his name before Batman V Superman

  3. WB seems to be using zsjl as canon to make snyder fans happy because they definitely said zsjl is an elseworld story and weadon cut is canon

  4. i think the flash is serving as the end of the DCEU. hopefully blue beetle and aquaman 2 help serve as an epilogue and then superman legacy will be the beginning

  5. I Think There’s 3 Possible Things They Could Do

    A: The DCU Takes Place In A Different Universe

    B: Dick Grayson Will Be Batman In The DCU And Clooney Will Be Retired (I Think This One Is Unlikely Since When Gunn Announced The Brave And The Bold He Said It Was A Story About Batman And His Actual Son Damian)

    C: Between The Ending And The Post Credits Scene After Barry Sees Clooney He Off Camera Goes Back In Time Again And Changed Things Again.

  6. I also thought the movie was pretty good, wasn't the best superhero movie ever like it was hyped up to be but I didn't believe that from the start. I did go in with an open mind incase it was that good since there was an unusual amount of hype from celebrities, and ended up enjoying it enough to see it a second time.
    Honestly the only real issues was the usual problem of time-travel stories being hard to write and then the CGI being wonky or outright bad during various scenes in the movie. Some can be argued as "stylistic" like when Barry is going back in time but the VFX Artists needed more time/a bigger budget.

    At first the time travel stuff was fine, but during the 3rd act when both Barry's start redoing the battle it got confusing however not from what was happening but what didn't happen. Based off what had happened so far, I expected there to be 4 Barry's after they went back in time, and then more & more Barry's each time as each time traveling Barry was a separate person. We have Barry 1, Barry 2 and later Future Barry, so why weren't there Barry 3 – 16? Instead the movie suddenly acts like time-traveling won't create duplicate versions like some other stories handle time-travel.
    And then we're introduced to a closed loop paradox that shouldn't exist considering that Barry 2 only gets powers because Barry 1 is knocked out of time-traveling. Have to come up with an entire headcanon to try to explain how that would even work.
    Yeah "time isn't linear" but the fact that you can't see a disguised Barry standing behind his mom at the store means the story happens in a linear fashion. Overall I think they tried to do too many things with time-travel.

    Now I want to talk about the can of tomatoes, specifically Barry putting the tomatoes on the top shelf which changes the future so his dad looks up in the camera footage…because he didn't. Barry put them in the same spot as before as there was a hole for one. I think everyone is getting mixed up by his comment later when he mentions the can that his dad grabs being on a different shelf than before, as well as the moment where Barry looks up at the camera.
    Barry did not intentionally change which can would be chosen, he grabbed a can to put in the cart & then later put it back. What most likely happened was the "butterfly effect" where the simple fact of him interacting with his mom & the can at regular speed caused his dad to choose a different can of tomatoes.
    You're not the only one who has made this mistake, I've seen tons of people say it too but if you watch the movie again you'll see that not only is there a shelf above the hole for the missing can of tomatoes, Barry is reaching down to put it back, not up. This movie fell into the common trap of the time-travel stuff getting too complicated & confusing so the ending is just another example of that.

  7. I could be wrong but in the post credits scene when Barry was talking about the different Batmen, it sounded like it was implied that he was able to fix the Clooney issue and get things back to normal.

    Also I saw something the other day about Aquaman 2 having more reshoots. Hopefully they’ll try do something at the end of that movie to give the the DCEU a proper farewell.

  8. I think man of steel is in September 2013 because in the flash barry 1 says he got his powers on September 29th 2013, then the day later on the 30th of September 2013 zod is on the news.

  9. No i have not seen it and i probably wont for a while, but im the kinda person that doesnt care about spoilers. An half the time by the time i get to the media i forget the spoilers 😂

  10. Id have to see it again but I swore Iris said she saw Barry "a few years ago" and not "two years ago." Maybe I heard it wrong but either way, it definitely makes ZSJL canon, at least for the Flash.

  11. I really liked the movie. Maybe a bit overhyped by the media, but still a great solid movie. For the George Clooney part, I'm pretty sure the changes Flash did to the past have affected his universe in a way that James Gunn can explain how some of the elements of the old DCEU (Peacemaker for example) can go into his new universe (Because of the Michael Keaton spaghetti explanation). So Ezra Miller's Flash, along with some other elements (like Clooney Batman) stay behind in this old universe, but some of the elements Gunn likes (Waller, for example) will move on to this new universe (which we will see in Superman: Legacy). Meanwhile, Blue Beetle can be part of the new universe, while Aquaman 2 stays behind in the old one. That's my theory for now
    Also, I agree with your take on the post credits scene. To me, they should've ended the movie with his dad being free, and the post credits should've been the George Clooney Part, scrapping the Aquaman scene

    Also, that Batman and Robin skit was really funny, props to you

  12. Much as I love marvel ( I also love dc equally) marvel really needs to find a better way to explain multiverse and set ground rules for it and not contradict itself. I really love how in the flash they explain the time travel and the multiverse in this movie with the fulcrum points, I do love marvel’s branching but I think dc using the fulcrum is a better way of explaining. By the way is anyone else hungry for spaghetti.

  13. I agree that George Clooney is not likely to come back. My guess is that Barry is in a completely different timeline (with a JM Aquaman) and it will depend on box office whether or not he makes it back to the DCU. Although, I guess we know how that is going.

  14. This is really off topic but I have been watching Agents of Shield for the first time with my dad for the last 10 or so months. We’re on s7e10 right now and I really want to finish it before Secret Invasion but I think I might have to hold off on it for a few days.

  15. The way they brought Keaton Batman into this is so sloppy. It’s the worst time travel logic I’ve seen in a while, especially since it involves a legacy character.

    As far as the general audience is concerned now, the Burton films/ Keaton Batman were always part of an alternate DCeU that Barry Allen created and he/ his world are destined to die and get deleted, because it’s the wrong timeline.

    Plus, they showed the multiverse at the end and showed each legacy universe as an isolated sphere.
    Why couldn’t that be the case for Keaton Batman.
    And then there’s Clooney…

  16. I believe the ending did set up a new universe, Barry said every universe has a different Batman but same Aquaman so in the reset they’ll continue with Jason Mamoa. It’ll be like a soft reset with maybe some references to this snyderverse. I believe only Aquaman will stay and everyone else recast

  17. The Flash ain’t performing that good, probs because:
    – June has been crowded as fuck
    – The DC brand is tarnished in the eyes of the general audience, especially things connected to the DCeU. The DCeU had no plan or direction and the quality wasn’t very consistent. People have no reason to follow it.
    – WB fucked up with their 2021 releases and trained the general audience to wait for streaming or hd pirated copies. Now they’re facing the repercussions. Same with Disney to an extent.

    Some other notes:
    – Most of the general audience don’t know or care about the Ezra Miller drama, which was massively overblown and straight up debunked anyway
    – the morality behind the legacy cameos that twitter has also been overblowing so much

    The vfx in the film actually looked pretty good aside from the baby coming out of the microwave and the wax figure/ porcelain aesthetic in the speedforce sequences was definitely a purposeful aesthetic because they didn’t have the time/ money to do more realistic legacy characters.

    Now, I wouldn’t doubt the negative bandwagon on twitter has soured the movie for people. Doesn’t help that people keep sharing around ai upscale screengrabs from a shitty cam rip.

  18. The director confirmed that it was Reverse Flash that killed Nora. It was planned to be revealed in a sequel. I think the fact that he has revealed it means we won't be getting anymore Ezra Flash movies.
    I have 2 possible explanations to why Nora wasn't killed in Barry 2s timeline. First is that since we know Zod is destined to win and destroy Earth in 2013 in that timeline, there is no future from for Reverse Flash to come from. Second one is a bit flimsy now that I think of it, but since we know closed loops are a thing, in Barry 1s timeline Reverse Flash probably already knows how things are supposed to go, so when Barry 1 changes things, it can no longer go the way it was supposed it.
    Yeah I think the 1st one is much better. I thought I had the 2nd one figured out but once I started writing it I started seeing some holes in it 😂

  19. Honestly I came into this movie hoping that a lot of my questions about the DCU’s reboot universe would be answered. In terms of that, I was disappointed, the movie itself was pretty good but still. Him ending up in George Clooney’s universe at the end was funny but it left me confused on if Clooney was going to be Gunn’s Batman and if Batman & Robin was going to be canon to the new DCU.

    At the end of the day, while I trust Gunn’s storytelling abilities. I’m afraid that making it a half reboot half continuation will hurt it in the long run. Because I could see a lot of people, including myself, be confused on what is and isn’t canon in this new DCU. Which is really why I wished they just pushed the full reset button on everything.

    Though I will admit, I’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, Ezra Miller being stuck in the Batman & Robin universe is an extremely fitting punishment.

  20. I don't even like the Snyder DCEU movies but I agree with the comment that says that ZSJL is the canon cut of the movie. It was so clear that it was.

    From the comment from Iris where she THINKS she saw barry. And barry nervously denying thats possible. To me this shows that she saw him for a glimps while he was saving her and since barry still wants to keep his identity a secret, he denies it nervously.

    Then there is the comment about barry time traveling. Barry only did that in the snyder cut.

  21. I think for all of the other movies in the DCEU, Whedon's version is canon, but in the Flash it is Snyder's version. I know that is very complicated but that is what makes the most sense to me

  22. The CGI cameos of George Reeves and Christopher Reeve just felt so disgusting and disrespectful to their talents, especially considering the movie released on the anniversary of Reeves killing himself allegedly because he couldn’t find any work after doing superman

  23. Glad you made this video, I will not be watching anything from this company as long as they continue to give Ezra Miller a job, so thanks for keeping me in the loop!