Catwoman Gets CANCELLED

Catwoman has long been associated with Batman thanks to her long history as a romantic interest for the Dark Knight. However, that does not mean that there haven’t been solo comic series, or attempts at solo adaptive projects. Catwoman Hunted may have graced the world in 2022, but it is not the first attempt at a solo animated Catwoman project. The success of Tim Burton’s Batman, and Batman Returns, plus the Batman Animated series led to potential Selina Kyle spin offs. Find out why they didn’t happen and what it has to do with Halle Berry’s Catwoman here on Casually Comics!

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Catwoman VS Lois Lane | The Catfight Of The Century!

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20 thoughts on “Catwoman Gets CANCELLED

  1. 3:56 to be fair Bruce Timm showed his hand when he had Batman and Batgirl in a relationship. Guess he likes weird age gap ships 😂 still I agree Nightwing and Catwoman is pretty weird as a couple, even weirder with that Tim Drake one in Battle for the Cowl when she tries and he shuts her down real fast (though in that case I think she just didn't know really how to react to Tim in a batman outfit.)

  2. Catwoman teams up with The Penguin to pull of a heist. It plays mostly from her perspective with them trying to plan and execute the heist while Batman and the police are after them. Both watching their backs so the other doesn't betray them.

  3. The DC Showcase Catwoman short is very good. Also,Selina was🔥🔥🔥. It's helped by the fact that she was voiced by the GORGEOUSLY talented Eliza Dushku of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Tru Calling/Bring It On fame.

  4. Many of the people who claim to like Catwoman, simply seem to want to change her character: then it means they don't really like the concept of what her character is.
    Like Halle Berry here: 9:10

  5. I liked the Bat-Cat Relationship in the "Tomorrowverse's" "The Long Halloween Parts 1 & 2" It's a shame the voice actress died from those films, but it's the only DCU "Tpomorrowverse" movies worth watching. As much as Batman Fans don't like Batman and Catwoman together, she's the best girlfriend in his life. It's also a shame, the recently released "The Flash" movie didn't put an older Michelle Phiffer with Michael Keaton in that movie. To me, either Talia Al Ghul or Selina Kyle should be with Bruce. Batman could reform the League of Assassins/Shadows with Talia or raise the next generation of superheroes with Selina. After 84 years and the terrible DC storylines in the past 20 years, I think it's time for Selina and Bruce to be together. DC's writers won't do it, but after this recent mini-series of the Bat-Cat War in Batman Comics, have them get together for good.