Dark Flash From The Movie Is Who In The Comics

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27 thoughts on “Dark Flash From The Movie Is Who In The Comics

  1. Still dont get how multiverse and timelines work. When the flash went back in time, did he cross into another universe? Or did he alter his own? In which case, if he altered his own, that means Keaton Batman never existed even in an alternate universe. Or does he simply create alternate universes and some how, he crosses? If that the case, he can never really alter his universe than right?

  2. Iris is white? Shit, never knew, the CW ruined her character for me and I never looked into it more, now I see she was just "diversity" filler and it explains why she was awful.

  3. I like the movie. I understand it was the step to move to James Gunn lead. I have to put aside erza miller's issues but still a good movie. Sadly this may be the only flash movie we'll get that is live.

  4. I havent seen the movie yet but i do and dont want to see it. I do want to see it because it will reset the entire dc timeline so far but i dont want to see it since ezra miller isn't a very good flash at all and the fact they cut out grant gustin's involvement in the movie as well.
    To be honest it seems like dc aren't trying very hard but this new producer sounds good but he or someone high up has made some bad choices on casting. Thats the problem though i do like jenson ackles as batman which is dope as fuck.

  5. The movie literally jacked up the entire Flashpoint series. Literally should have stuck to the material and had thawn as the enemy or antagonist. Glad they are resetting this movie and hopefully replacing Ezra as the actor. If you had greats like Gadot and Henry and replaced them, then u can replace Ezra.

  6. I thought The Flash movie was entirely okay. Not as bad as I feared, not as good as I hoped. Just different enough from the Flashpoint source to be interesting. But ultimately unimportant, as DCEU is effectively getting rebooted.

  7. It's more coincidence than actually intentional. The two aren't really related even in concept discussions. Dark Flash was picked b/c it was too early for Eobard yet, and at the time, CW Flash was still running. So between wanting Eobard to be an actual threat, & to get distance from the tv series, an original approach was used to emphasize more on Flash of 2 worlds, but through the lens of Barry facing himself, so the audience & Barry could both see his "what if" dark side. Eobard wants to be covered later tho once the films can have better footing & approach. So Thawne isn't some one & done throwaway that this film called for & original movie Flashpoint would have been.

    Now we get a better why when Thawne shows up. More imposing. More threatening. More scary. Less random massive big bad for the first movie that gets wasted. Now he can be a foreboding force that needles Barry until the reveal of what Thawne did to Barry's past that can send Barry on a new emotional spiral to make this mistake again.