Film Theory: The Batman’s FATAL Flaw!

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You’ve seen Batman battle with Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and all of the other Gotham goons. But, would he ACTUALLY have survived those fights, Loyal Theorists? Today we find out if Batman’s Batsuit is really invincible.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Zach Stewart, and Forrest Lee
Editors: Warak, AbsolutePixel, Brandon_n_motion, and Ryan Gonzales
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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41 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Batman’s FATAL Flaw!

  1. 5 minute intro, 5 minutes of talking about why kevlar wouldnt work before stating that he obviously is wearing something else, and then another couple of minutes talking about stronger bulletproof armor before finally admitting that this video was about him taking an explosion from point blank. I wouldn't be hard pressed to find a video that could give me more value than this.

  2. I still think Affleck’s “I’m rich” line is the funniest in modern DC universe, the only think second is Robin in Titans saying “f*** Batman” 😂

  3. I hate when people say military grade and act like it's the end all be all. if you actually served you know this not to be the case. not saying it's bad or whatever. but more specialized higher end equipment is much better. the military is standardized for cost and availability. 2nd note most body armor I've seen has Kevlar over top of plates utilizing both. so it isn't one or the other. and is mainly designed to protect the bodily organs in the torso reason. we had helments but once you get past small arms fire it isn't going to do much. the vests had neck and groin attachments but that is attachments.

  4. I understand the premise of the theory, but practically it doesn’t make for good films. I know it’s a little “unrealistic” for bats to shed bullets like that but that’s because while in our world bullets are quite deadly, In Superhero Stories guns/bullets are typically very weak weapons in comparison to what the heroes and villains wield.
    Like how can we possibly believe Bats can take on someone like Bane if he gets hospitalized everytime a bullet bounces off his armor?

  5. Batman could not just be defeated by explosions due to lack of protection on this face, but also with a flamethrower. For the same reason.
    Even firefigher suits though give some resistance to heat, but nowhere even to just go directly into a flamethrower stream that can melt steel fairly easy. And here you have your face completely exposed.

  6. I’m pretty tired of the criticism of Affleck Batman being a murderer when most of it is just “letting bad guys die” which is exactly what Bale did and Keaton slaughter motherfuckers plenty lol. Get over it nerds, Batman a cold hearted killer

  7. It's amazing that Bruce would pay thousands of dollars on his bullet resistant suit, but will leave half of his face completely exposed.
    I mean it's not like anyone pays attention at someone's face.
    Of course his face is not an obvious vulnerable target.
    Because we all know, the head does not have any vital organs, like the brain.

  8. And this is why I didn't like this movie. Just three hours of Batman getting killed but surviving as if he was Wolverine somehow…
    Thanx, MatPat, totally going to check Style Theory!! In fact, here's a topic: how come Hollywood still worships Lagerfeld after #metoo?

  9. I just like to think that the material bruce uses is EXTREMELY high tech wayne stuff. A fantastical element backed up by its world sciences that do not exist in our universe. I think it’s cool!.

  10. Can you please do Videos about Friends theories? That would be awesome! I also liked the outfit that Bruce Wayne wore in The Batman. I think it is my favorite Batman movie. I gave it a B-.