Jumbo Josh’s Sad Origin Story (From Garten of Banban)

Jumbo Josh in Real Life… his sad origin backstory!

And use invite code COMBAT for:
– Cromwell B (tier 6) British premium medium tank
– 250k credits
– 7 days premium access
3 rental tanks for 10 battles each:
– Tiger 131 (Tier 6) German heavy tank
– T78 (Tier 6) American tank destroyer
– Type 64 (Tier 6) Chinese premium light tank

Note that the code is ONLY for new players who register for the first time on the Wargaming portal.

Music composed & produced by: @NathanielWolkstein


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37 thoughts on “Jumbo Josh’s Sad Origin Story (From Garten of Banban)

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  2. Considering Banban's kindergarten has a laboratory, warehouse, cable car system, roblox obby, and numerous indoor playgrounds, it doesn't seem too far off that they would have their own military aswell.