Justice League: Warworld | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Until now, the Justice League has been a loose association of superpowered individuals. But when they are swept away to War World, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others must somehow unite to form an unbeatable resistance able to lead an entire planet to freedom.

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Justice League: Warworld | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

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28 thoughts on “Justice League: Warworld | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

  1. why can't DC cartoons and comics just have a single canon timeline like in mangas and anime.

    I really want to read DC comics but Its so hard to follow its stoey with all this stand alone story

  2. I wish DC would drop this terrible animation style. It looked terrible in the last Supergirl animated movie and it looks terrible here.

  3. The Live action movies can be like this but they don't want to work with the animation department.

    Anyways, i still love DC, i love the DCEU, i appreciate all their efforts and talent. This one will be awesome. 🎉

  4. Glad to see that villain back, I forget his name (I know, hang me later), but I always remembered him when I first saw him in the old cartoon that he looked like a goofy version of Darkseid. Despite that, he was always so menacing when on screen, looking back, I think even more than Darkseid.