Netflix’s Avatar Live-Action is BIGGER Than You Think!

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This is everything we know about Netflix’s Avatar live-action! I break down never-before-seen leaked set photos and dive deep into the costume designers, VFX artists, and cutting-edge technologies that are bringing Avatar’s world and bending into real life.

The Avatar Netflix show has already exceeded expectations with its production — I’ll reveal the true scale & importance of this upcoming series! Using Marvel movies like Antman and Thor as a comparison, I’ll show you exactly how I know the live action Avatar series will look spectacular!

Netflix execs are betting big, and Avatar’s live-action cast are loving what they’ve seen…. I think Avatar fans are in for a treat!

Check out the stunt crew’s live-action Toph Short Film:

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00:00 – Toph in Live Action
01:59 – Avatar is the Future of Netflix
05:07 – The Secret to Great VFX
07:48 – Netflix’s Record-Breaking Production
09:51 – Leaked Set Photos — Avatar Live-Action
12:04 – Avatar’s Emmy-Winning Designer
13:42 – ”I cried when I saw myself in costume.”
16:14 – The Best VFX Company in the World
19:55 – Shang Chi’s Fight Instructor @ Netflix’s Avatar
22:16 – Avatar’s Stunt Team & Cast
23:23 – First Look at Aang (Gordon Cormier)

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27 thoughts on “Netflix’s Avatar Live-Action is BIGGER Than You Think!

  1. I don't get why they must make a live action of the show. The anime is perfect. Just do communication on the anime. Don't need anything else

  2. i cant help but be scared nowadays when someone touches my chilhood favorites. I really hope il be proven wrong but by now i have post rings of power trauma.

  3. Talking about how mistreated artists are in the media industry reminded me of the biggest reason why I never pursued becoming an animator or VFX artist, after I wasted 4 years of art school earning a bachelor's degree in animation and visual effects and realized how it is in the work force….

  4. "It's going to look better" is the whole definition why live action adaptations are always so bad. They take something that had good art AND story – and then focus on upgrading the visuals while not caring about story. ALL of the talk is about how the visuals are going to look super good which is what concerns me. Live action ATLA won't be good simply for the reason that it worked so good with all the comedy and tropes that worked really good IN A CARTOON. I bet you all that they will remove all the comedy and at least 50% of character traits when making the live action adaptation (the sole fact that they feel the need to have someone with martial arts background for Sokka really hints that they will change the characters quite a bit and in my opinion it will be for the worse).

  5. I like this video because I appreciate the sincerity and the strong arguments.

    However I disagree, I think it will fail like all anime adaptations do (yes it's not technically anime but point stands).

  6. 3D CG and live-action will never be able to look as good as 2D. They could do something different and still good while following the same basic story but if they try to sell aang as a pacifist when he's blasting people 10m up in the air just isn't gonna work in live action. The action and powers will need to be toned down a lot.

  7. Avatar as a story has so much potential to be a phenomenal live-action property. There's so many opportunities to add to the rich lore the animated series already established while still adapting the core story that everybody knows and loves. If Netflix handles this correctly with people passionate about doing the OG series justice, they'll have a juggernaut on their hands.

  8. 16:36 yoh the hell you show us that clip for men?🤨… you kno we've got PSSD dont put any of those clips in the vid please 😢… They take me back😓, back to those dark dark places🤢… I never want to go back there ever again 😪