Princess Leia’s Long Lost Dress From Star Wars!

Adam encounters two iconic costumes from two of his favorite films ever: Blade Runner and Star Wars. First is Princess Leia’s actual dress worn at the finale of Episode IV during the medal ceremony, a costume thought to be long lost after production. Alongside it is Rick Deckard’s screen matched costume from Blade Runner, which includes a continuity detail that blows Adam’s mind!

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Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

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45 thoughts on “Princess Leia’s Long Lost Dress From Star Wars!

  1. Deckard's shoes are Adidas Official Referee's. They were made from patent leather so they can be shined. The production team used acetone to remove all the gold logos, and changed the flat black laces to round brown laces.

  2. O just absolutely love and adore seeing Adam just totally fanboy out about something so beloved as Star Wars.

    And of course, the irony that these are characters played by Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher is not lost on me.

  3. I find it interesting that they are showing not only Princess Leia's dress, but the uniform from Han Solo's side job.

    But seriously, what incredible pieces of movie history.

  4. Crazy to think that Star Wars started with a bedsheet that had a cheap spray painted (hurr durr chrome = spacey futuristic) vinyl belt with bland belt buckles glued to it, and ended with heavy brocate, silk, hand made brass filigree and crystals woven into Padme's dresses and whatnot.
    Really recommend Alinger's book btw. Must read, not just to learn about the costumes, but also to pay your own mental tribute to the credited and lauded costume designers, some of which even died before the movies were released and never got to know what a huge achievement and service to movie history they made.