Batman evolution and Facts from 1943-2023 / who could play The Dark Knight ?

Video of the evolution of the dark knight “Batman”. From the very first film to the present day! Facts you didn’t even know. A lot can surprise you!

1-Batman: 1943
2-Batman and Robin: 1949
3-Batman: The Movie 1966
4-Batman: 1989
5-Batman Returns: 1992
6-Batman Forever: 1995
7-Batman & Robin: 1997
8-Batman Begins: 2005
9-The Dark Knight: 2008
10-The Dark Knight Rises: 2012
11-Gotham: 2014
12-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: 2016
13-Justice League: 2017
14- Titans 2018
15-The Arrowverse 2019
16-Justice League Snyder’s cut 2021
17-Batman 2022
18-The Flash 2023

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