Netflix’s Avatar Live-Action is BIGGER Than You Think!

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This is everything we know about Netflix’s Avatar live-action! I break down never-before-seen leaked set photos and dive deep into the costume designers, VFX artists, and cutting-edge technologies that are bringing Avatar’s world and bending into real life.

The Avatar Netflix show has already exceeded expectations with its production — I’ll reveal the true scale & importance of this upcoming series! Using Marvel movies like Antman and Thor as a comparison, I’ll show you exactly how I know the live action Avatar series will look spectacular!

Netflix execs are betting big, and Avatar’s live-action cast are loving what they’ve seen…. I think Avatar fans are in for a treat!

Check out the stunt crew’s live-action Toph Short Film:

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00:00 – Toph in Live Action
01:59 – Avatar is the Future of Netflix
05:07 – The Secret to Great VFX
07:48 – Netflix’s Record-Breaking Production
09:51 – Leaked Set Photos — Avatar Live-Action
12:04 – Avatar’s Emmy-Winning Designer
13:42 – ”I cried when I saw myself in costume.”
16:14 – The Best VFX Company in the World
19:55 – Shang Chi’s Fight Instructor @ Netflix’s Avatar
22:16 – Avatar’s Stunt Team & Cast
23:23 – First Look at Aang (Gordon Cormier)

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