Is DAREDEVIL Silly Now? – What The Yellow Suit Means for BORN AGAIN

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She-Hulk formally introduced Daredevil into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sporting a yellow suit and a more light-hearted tone. but what does this mean for the MCU version of the man Without Fear? Is he going to be a silly MCU hero? Or will hey stay true to the Frank Miller/Netflix Dark roots?

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Written by Jack Piccone
Hosted by Ryan Arey
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Rohail Mistry

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Ever since Charlie Cox debuted as Matt Murdock on Netflix’s Daredevil, Marvel fans have been clamoring to see the Man Without Fear fight alongside the Avengers.

In 2016, there were even rumors he’d appear in Civil War. In fact, if Marvel couldn’t negotiate sharing Spider-Man with Sony, there’s a chance that might’ve even happened. But it wasn’t until 2021’s No Way Home that we first got to see Matt Murdock in the MCU’s prime timeline.

It took another year before we saw him in costume as Daredevil. His first masked appearance in Earth-616 was on the Disney+ series She-Hulk, setting the stage for his own solo series. That show, Born Again, will debut in 2024, and will feature his old Netflix nemesis Wilson Fisk, played perfectly by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Seeing Daredevil in the MCU was a BIG moment for fans of the character and Netflix show. But a lot of them may have been surprised to see his costume. Instead of dark gym sweats or his traditional red outfit, Daredevil was wearing a certain shade of yellow. [CLIP: Gold Devil]

And you know what? It kinda worked. But still, it was a bit surprising to see. So today I’m going to answer a question a lot of people have been asking since Matt’s She-Hulk appearance.

Doug (confidently): When is dinner?

Ryan: What? No. The question I’m talking about is: Why is Daredevil Yellow?

I’m going to talk about the yellow costume’s origin in early Daredevil comics and why Marvel probably decided to switch it up for the MCU. I’m also going to talk about what Matt’s NEXT costume might look like—in Born Again, or even beyond in Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Before I do, let me get one other question out of the way.

Doug (confidently): What is for dinner?

Ryan: Ham and eggs.

Doug: Oh no ham for me please, it’ll make me poop through a screen door. [high five]

No, the OTHER question you might have is why I keep referring to Daredevil’s costume as yellow. Unless your TV is stuck using the Amaro filter or something, you’d probably say Daredevil’s She-Hulk appearance is more gold than yellow.

And you wouldn’t be wrong. It WAS pretty much gold, along with Daredevil’s traditional red as an accent color. The reason I keep saying yellow is because these colors are a deliberate homage to Daredevil’s yellow origins. [CLIP: Simpsons “Yellowest”]

This is important. This original yellow costume gives a lot of insight into what Marvel has planned for Daredevil in the MCU—whether he’s wearing gold, canary, lemon, or any other shade of yellow.

Doug: Mellow yellow.

Ryan: Sure. But Daredevil is anything but mellow. [CLIP: Matt wailing]

Daredevil was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, with Jack Kirby providing a lot of design input. When he debuted in Daredevil #1, he wore a costume that was yellow, with black and red accents.

This original yellow costume was clearly modeled on circus acrobats. His name after all refers to stunt performers known as daredevils. Men (and women) without fear who would make death-defying jumps and other dangerous feats for audiences.

Even The Simpsons acknowledged this in one of their earliest episodes. Bart’s hero is a motorcycle daredevil named Lance Murdock. [CLIP: Lance Murdock]

He’s obviously inspired by Evel Knievel, one of the most famous real life daredevils ever. But Daredevil debuted before Evel became a household name, so it’s fitting that his Simpsons counterpart shares a name with the Marvel character.

In his origin story, Matt makes his suit out of his father’s boxing robes, which is where the colors come from. Matt’s Dad, Battlin’ Jack Murdock, didn’t want his son to use physical violence. Matt originally created a vigilante alter ego not to hide his identity from the police or media, but from his own Dad.

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