The Batman’s promise to The Joker | #Shorts

The Batman’s promise to The Joker.

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45 thoughts on “The Batman’s promise to The Joker | #Shorts

  1. That ass though. See sh*t like this is what should be in the movies but all they want to do nowadays in every movie is inject woke garbage which turns the story into trash. Sad times we live in

  2. That is quite a cop out to straight up say oh this is the good person and this one is the bad person so no you're supposed to hate this. Personality but this personality is good you like this one because he's good and he's nice and he's good………

    The writers realize that it's so much harder to write a character with 2 sides to them.A genuine psychopath that honestly does slowly but surely grow feelings for a woman that he originally thought of as a decorative or just a side kick.