The DCEU Dies…Soon

In July, take a journey from 2013 to 2023 as we unravel the convoluted, nightmarish mystery that is the timeline of the DC Extended Universe.

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35 thoughts on “The DCEU Dies…Soon

  1. Except not really. Because Aquaman 2 is still coming and the Peacemaker/Waller, maybe Aquaman, maybe Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad characters could continue

  2. If the DCEU would have run their own race and not try to catch Marvel they would have been just fine. They would have beat marvel to all the time travel stuff. I still love Zack vision wish he could have finished

  3. When MOS didn't get a sequel before SVB. I knew this was going to be an abomination. Only Wonder Woman and JL: Snyder Cut was any good. What a waste!

  4. What a jumble the dceu has been. I remember when Man of Steel was on the way. I was worried, because I considered (and still do) Zack Snyder to be a pretty poor director. He's a talented mimic, in that he is pretty adept at taking the visual styles of other film makers and using them himself. The problem arises from Zack not knowing the why of those film maker's choices. Zack is a very surface level guy. Subtext doesn't seem to exist for him. He never seems to really understand the material he adapts.

    When Warner gave him the keys to DC it seemed like a colossal mistake. The only ray of hope for me was that Christopher Nolan was going to be the executive producer. I was praying that Nolan would take Snyder under his wing, mentor him, teach him how to be a thoughtful filmmaker. I desperately wanted Nolan to take Zack's talent for visual mimicry and temper it with solid film making and story telling fundamentals.

    Then Man of Steel came out, and my hopes were dashed. The sad thing was, I could see a decent Superman moving hiding inside of MoS. The movie was pulling material from some excellent sources. Zack just wasn't up to the task of merging those elements into a cohesive story, and his lack of filmic sensibilities had him hopping around all sorts of different filmic techniques that didn't play well together, and often times were unsuitable for the scenes they were being applied to.

    The failure of the dceu to me was an amalgamation of having absolutely the wrong creative lead for the project in Zack Snyder, coupled with the studio's impatience to catch up with the success of the MCU. They simply weren't willing to wait for the groundwork to be done, they wanted to jump straight to their "Avengers" pay day.

  5. New Batman Caped Crusader news is out with Bruce Timm saying it’s everything he wanted to do with the original series but couldn’t get away with because it was on a kids channel