The Genius of The Long Halloween: The Batman Story That Changed Everything

I really think The Long Halloween is a perfect Batman story.

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27 thoughts on “The Genius of The Long Halloween: The Batman Story That Changed Everything

  1. Sal from what I can tell you've made another amazing video, I'd love to discuss some thoughts but I've spent like a year trying to forget this comic so I can experience it again 😭 whenever I do re-read I'll definitely drop some thoughts, just wanted to give you some applause since all the comments are telling me how good this video was

  2. I've always loved the idea of the Batman effect on Gotham's crime. Before Batman, formal gangsters and corrupt policeman. After Batman, criminal lunatics with colorful gimmicks. Is like if Batman's rogues gallery were attracted by the fact that someone in a ridiculous bat costume was in the city bringing order. One of the reasons why I never liked the Gotham TV show. Also a special mention to Tim Sale who recently passed away.

  3. Goodwin actually did a lot of good work on Batman. I actually have the trade hardcover that collects all of his Batman stories. Most of them were really good (My favorite was the Annual that he did that dealt with his training .).

  4. I think some stories you should definitely give a look are the Dark Moon Rising duology and Dead to Rights. The two Dark Moon Rising miniseries work as a perfect segway between Year One and the Man Who Laughs, and Dead to Rights is kinda like an extended epilog to The Man Who Laughs, and it's a really fun read with excellent characterization for Joker. It's worth noting that Dead to Rights was originally a story from issues 22 to 25 of Batman Confidential, so it's not a dedicated graphic novel or miniseries, but it was collected as a book titled Batman Dead to Rights, and I think it's a lot of fun as a wrap up to Batman's first year.

  5. I should like to make a point about to The Long Halloween… there are too many stigma and cultural prejudices (maybe racism) towards italian and italo-american's people… it's really a shame.

  6. This video has been a long time coming for this channel. Must have been thrilled to finally cover this story. And I am happy to see that it is so loved by so many.

    However, I have problems with this story. I finally read it about last year. My first impressions was that it was good, but overrated. I absolutely love the first two Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials, but I felt the Long Halloween was subpar. I think Tim Sale's art is perfect and explains why this comic is so highly appraised, but it is Jeph Loeb's writing which is lacking.
    Firstly, Batman is practically useless in the entire story. I understand that the story is meant to be a tragedy, Batman's first failure. However, the way this failure is laid out by Loeb makes Batman completely ineffectual as a detective and a superhero. I think I might have enjoyed the story more had Batman stopped one or two of the Holiday Killer's murders, preferably later in the story as it would convey the sense that Batman as the World's Greatest Detective was beginning to understand and predict the killer, just unfortunately a little too late. This does not happen, with Batman failing to stop a single murder. Other than hanging out, what does Batman really do in the story? And what impact does the failure really have on Batman? It is just sort of presented like "Batman failed" and that is it. We don't really get to see how this impacts him as a character or contributes to his character development. That aspect is sort of left to subsequent and other Batman stories, similar to "A Death in the Family" where the real impact of Jason's death on Batman is undeveloped in its original appearance only to be explored more satisfactorily in other, subsequent Batman comics.

    Secondly, I thought Harvey Dent's portrayal was colourless. In other forms of media like Batman: The Animated Series, Dent is presented as this likeable, charismatic, suave, intelligent, and moral character. But, under Loeb's writing, Dent doesn't really stand out, nor does he come off as a character we should sympathize for. Because the audience isn't really brought to care and like Harvey Dent, it undermines the emotional impact of his physical scarring and subsequent tragic turn to villainy.

    Thirdly, the mystery of the case is unbelievable. Loeb should have applied Occam's Razor and gone for a simpler explanation for the Holiday murders. Instead, he overcomplicates it, striving for artistic ambiguity and nuance. But I don't think he succeeded in doing this well enough to make it believable and clever. In the end, the audience, or at least some in the audience, are left more confused than moved by the contrived plot twists of the murder reveals.

    I don't know whether anyone else shares these impressions about this story, but I am more than happy to discuss them in the comments with anyone who agrees or disagrees more or less with them. I don't hate the story, I like it, especially Tim Sale's contribution to it. But I think Loeb's writing has weaknesses which affect my enjoyment of an otherwise great story.

  7. Excellent coverage of the publication history of the comic and a breakdown of the story’s strengths and weaknesses. I would love if you took the time to cover both Dark Victory and Catwoman: When In Rome at some point. Dark Victory is one of my all time favorite stories, and When In Rome was a brilliant tie-in and exploration of her personal ties to the story. Just *chefs kiss* ❤mmf! So frickin good! This trilogy of graphic novels in my opinion is absolutely top tier.

  8. This is one of your best videos yet! The production quality, information and flow is really well done man. Keep it up, your videos are always a treat to watch and give so much insight on Batman and the behind-the-scenes stuff

  9. I read this story more than ten times maybe (a few of them was during working on its official Arabic translation) and your video took my breath away. Up until the very end with that very smart joke.

    I've loved your channel since "Strange Apparitions" but this video is just something else. You're a true lover of this fine art and I'm so happy I've stumbled upon this treasure of yours.

  10. I'm glad and frankly, AMAZED to see that after what, 6-7 years from when I first subbed to your channel, you haven't missed a beat and are still uploading Batman's ENTIRE STORY ARC, IN CONSEQUENTIAL ORDER, all the way back then beginning from his 1st appearance in the Golden Age… Absolutely incredible! Love this channel!!!
    If you happen to read this, I have a request. I would donate to your Patreon and ask but I'm dirt poor, so If you never get around to doing it, it's all good,

    but is there anyway you could MAKE A VIDEO outlining the ELSEWORLD storyline of SUPERMAN & BATMAN GENERATIONS II when you get to that point in Batman's timeline (1999-2001)? Comicstorian did Generations I on his channel while back but never continued the series, and literally no one on YouTube has made any sort of video on its sequel. Either that or the main storyline of DC ONE MILLION??? If you were able to make a video on either one of those stories some time in the future I know they would be amazing! A guy can wish… Either way, keep up the amazing work!

  11. There's just something so special about this comic. The art style, the story, the tone, the atmosphere, the characters, the setting. Everything blends so well together. It's like everything that makes Batman great put together in one book.
    We'll never get another Batman story as good as this one. Loeb and Sale together were a powerhouse.

  12. Anyone can summarize a story, but the ability to effectively weave the story’s context, both in-universe and with respect to the creative process, into a cohesive video, is reserved for a select few. Great work! I loved your nod to Batman Annual #14.

  13. Great video – The Long Halloween is one of the most influential Batman stories to this day and still one of my favorites. Perfect mix of noir storytelling (thanks Godfather) and moody art by Tim Sale (RIP). 🎃🦇🎃🦇