The Unused Concepts of The Batman (2022)

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Jon McCoy

Adam Brockbank

Mark Button

Ash Thorp

Glyn Dillon

Jaime Jones

Matthew Savage

Josh Shepard Storyboards

Marco van Overbeeke

Andries van Overbeeke

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MUSIC: Some of the music in this video is via Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio:

Gotham Music via Mediacharger
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Music Created By : Brett W McCoy
Song Title: Dark Fantasy/Mysterious Theme
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Intro: 0:00
GOTHAM: 1:23
BATMAN: 3:51
Batmobile: 13:40
Riddler: 18:01
Penguin: 19:45
Catwoman: 22:25
MISC.: 23:12
END: 25:53

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31 thoughts on “The Unused Concepts of The Batman (2022)

  1. I'm just glad the live action movie took Batman back to his roots and explored his detective side much more. The Batmobile in this version actually reminds me of the 1943 live action batmobile which was just a 1939 75 Cadillac convertible in addition to how the Green Hornet modified his car. Really makes me wonder how extensive Matt Reeves research went?

  2. This movie was good but theres a couple things i really didnt like one of them being the way they changed the riddler . Worst riddler ever they basically made him a completely different character

  3. From everything I’ve seen it looks like they’re gonna evolve Batman as the sequels come out. Like his bat mobile being improved on or Bruce regaining his confidence and having that playboy look in the concept art. They have a wonderful base to build off of

  4. This is the weak point in this so cool film: this pathetic incel is not the Riddler. He is another character. The Riddler is far more different : he is lighter, clever, and something grounded because he is clever enough to question himself and his actions more. This guy here is much more like the Scarecrow. This Penguin, for instance, is by far cooler. Catwoman? One of my favourites. A well-rounded character. Great concept.

  5. Really liked the movie but my least favorite cowl and suit so far. Affleck’s from BvS is still my favorite, but I’m pretty biased because TDKReturns is my all time favorite Batman story

  6. After watching this I just realised I saw the Batmobile on a trailer a few years ago whilst driving up to Scotland on the motorway, the whole journey I was trying to figure out what it was and you’ve jogged my memory

  7. An idea I really think could've worked well in the film is if Riddler had a limp and needed a cane, because I feel they strayed too far from the original character.

    When he isn't wearing the suit you might see him rely on it a lot and have it as a symbol of the bad hand he'd been dealt, but when he is wearing the suit it becomes a deadly weapon which he uses to brutally beat his victims.

    That way they could include his famous cane in a realistic way, obviously it wouldn't have to be in the shape of a question mark, I think that would be a bit much.

  8. God, I really wish we could've seen the concept art version of Gotham on the big screen. It's such a unique and cool look for the city, and I feel like the version in the finished film is cool, but sort of just a new york stand-in.

  9. This movie grew on me, i had grown fond of bat-fleck and the idea of Deathstroke in a batman movie, i was really hoping would happen, Pattinson as batman suprised me as i didn't have high hopes for him, but he pulled it off, the suit is great but for me personally batmans cowl always looks off the last couple of movies, this film aswell as the Nolan trilogy, i liked what they did with the penguin, his character suits this iteration of batman, i wish Catwoman had a better mask though, one thing i miss from the "cheesy" batman films is how eccentric and overblown the architecture of Gotham was, neon and huge busts of stone faces, the riddler i felt was done justice in this film, i liked how sinister he was, as a villain i could never take him seriously but this movie showed a different side of him, i hope that they bring Mr. Freeze back to the batman films, he is such a tragic villain and the dark and bleak feel of this film could make an interesting version of Mr. Freeze in a sequel. (Hush and Killer Croc I'd love to see in a film too.)