Top 10 Unanswered Questions in The Flash

These unanswered questions have our heads spinning. For this list, we’ll be looking at lingering inquiries we still have walking out of this 2023 DCEU film. Our countdown of unanswered questions from “The Flash” include Did Changing Time Affect Aquaman At All?, Who Killed Barry’s Mother?, Where Will James Gunn Take DC Now?, and more! Do you have any questions about DC’s future? Share them in the comments.

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Unanswered Questions in The Flash

  1. Would have been nice if they addressed Selina's fate at the end of "Batman Returns." They just never reunited after the events of that movie? Did she die? I feel like the movie didn't fully deliver on Barry's story or the fan service.

  2. How and when did younger Barry know older Barry traveled back in time to save their mother? Younger Barry just said, "I know." Then, there was no explanation. Then they just go back to fighting and move away from the subject. Wtf?

  3. It’s also wonder if Michael Keaton was literally playing the exact same Batman from the Tim Burton movies or just some identical variant of him (like something out of the Loki show)

  4. Gal Gadot will return cuz in Shazam 2 they said their suits changed cuz of Flash and there's Wonder Woman in that
    (I seen somewhere they said that, not sure if that's real)

  5. When Rebecca (the woman narrating this video) said "Gee it'll be hard for Barry to get his powers back…….actually its gonna be relatively straight forward, marginally a nuisance"
    I immediately thought of Ryan from pitch meetings saying "Gee it'll be hard for Barry to get his powers back….. actually its gonna be super easy barley an inconvenience" 😂

  6. When Zack Snyder made bvs he didn't plan for the flash nor had any input in it. It was supposed to be wrapped up and answered in the now cancelled justice league 1 and 2 when darksied kills Lois and superman turns evil

  7. I give the movie a 5/10. Mainly because of Keaton.
    Mojo forgot a few to this list.
    1. Kryptonians and how the sun affects them. Zod took forever to gain power and learn to fly. But Kara was flying and fighting like Supes in 2 min.
    2. DC has to stop letting Kryptonians act like they were meant to be super people that can fly. They were regular people that lucked into how our sun affects their dna.
    3. Did Iris gain Lois's power of teleportation and overrusage?
    4. Where did they get Kara's suit?
    5. Is the directors excuse for bad cgi an acceptable one?

  8. In exactly 10 years from now, Superman becomes public domain. DC better milk every last cent out of him while they are still the only ones who can. Because in ten years, everybody and his half brother will be able to make movies, tv shows, comic books, lunch boxes, tea sets, whatever, with Superman. Of course DC will also be able to still do Superman, and what DC does with Superman after that point will probably be considered more legit than the others, but many bastardized versions will exist, and it will be weird.

  9. It's pretty much guaranteed ezra in clooney's universe means the new dcu is going to be a clean slate. If wb dc wanted to save the snyderverse, they would have given ww, cyborg, Aquaman and superman, their original storylines in flashpoint. Harley quinn was in flashpoint too. If they wanted the flash movie to make more than $300 million, they would have included everyone and cleaned up the cgi. Instead, the gave it the Shazam 2 treatment. As in they sabotaged it.

  10. Still can’t believe we got another faceless Superman cameo than Henry Cavill. Also how did Clooney appear but not Bale? And apparently Lynda Carter was supposed to cameo too. Either way going forward it’s best the entire Justice League gets recast, especially Gal and Ezra.

  11. risking the life of babies is funny? YEAH NO GTFOOH If the ILLS wants to hint then INFERTILITY NOW. How about that one. Infinity War Covid? See the pattern? #MessiahMessage and yes why not but not like this. lets be proper with the future please